Need a new hobby? Try hiking, if you like outdoors this might be something to try out!  I have notice hiking the wonderful hill of WV that its a awesome feeling going to new places that’s been there for millions of years and history of it. Hiking is for all ages. You can bring the whole family out! If you like new places hiking might just be it. Anywhere you go you can find yourself searching for new things to do.  I think hiking is a great exercise. If  sitting inside on the couch your thing then maybe its time you go outside and find some great outdoor activity’s! When i went down state WV there are so many awesome sites where you cant see anywhere else. I do hope if anyone is out there looking for a new hobby try hiking. People should do it! I think if people went out more they would be grateful of the land and the scenery. Some of the scenery is breath taken. Even if you go one time try it and i bet you wont be let down! Anyone that has some good tips on hiking or places feel free with comments!


     There is nothing more better then spending quality time with your family outdoors! Here are some options your family can do.

  • Boating
  • fishing
  • bike riding
  • hiking
  • 4wheeling

hunting                                                                                                           I remember growing up and always having a great time fishing with my family. One of the best ways to get your children involved by getting there hunter safety course card. So you can go hunting with your family also. Every year we go down my camp  to deer hunt. Its one of the best times i have with my family enjoying the great outdoors. I have taken my younger cousins to fish and hunt. There is no better feeling then watching them learning and having fun! If anyone wants to see what WV has to offer go to you can see where camping sites are also fishing and hunting areas. I also can say getting out camping or whatever it is can help clear you mind from stressful work, and busy family. I hope after reading this you will see that a little outdoors will help make a family closer and a little stress free i hope!

If you like fishing just as bad as me then you cant wait for trout fishing!! This picture was  taken last year ice fishing at Dunkard lake. With the weather i havent ice fish so far and i dont think i will be, today was 60 degrees out! So im skipping ice fishing and waiting till they stock near by lakes.  Im a huge fishermen i love all kinds of fish. If anyone like to leave comments on baits and lure feel free!!  I found out trout fishing isnt for all people. Its cold, snowing, raining you name it i personally dont like keeping trout because i dont like cleaning them up! the  reason why i trout fish because i want to cant a huge trout! like you see  the picture to your right. I like catching trophy fish so always have big goals when your fishing! If anyone is just starting out and want to know more about trout fishing and what not  i have 5 years of trout fishing so i know a little bit.


Reason why i’m blogging  about this because, they are everywhere!!! Today going to class i unfortunately hit a deer. No damage to my truck but if i was in a car i might not be so lucky. When i was leaving West Liberty i saw at least 15-20 deer. I think it would be a good idea having longer doe season. I need some opinions on this because i think im right. I think if we would have longer season then it would reduce damages toward vehicles. Also landscaping, deer can tear up the ground and cause a pain!

Cabelas or Bass Pro shop? I want to know which store has better gear and price. I have notice that there isn’t a Bass Pro shop close in the Wheeling area.  Also there is a Cabelas 15 minutes away, makes it  helpful to have at least one of them close by. Is Cabelas better then Bass Pro Shop?