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Spring time bass fishing is may favorite time to go fishing and ill tell you why. With spring right around the corner it is time to be thinking about jerking lips! What i found out is using a tube jig or a crawdad works really well.  Main source of food for bass are crawdads so any lure you throw that mimics that should turn out good for you..

These two lure work excellent  in spring time fishing. Anglers can mix up the colors and experiment on what works the best .



I love walking around and finding farm ponds. I never know what im going to catch. I have caught a lot of bass in farm ponds and also didnt catch a thing. Always make sure your not trespassing on someone land, i sometimes ask the owner dude they mine sometimes they do and sometimes they dont. Most the time they wont care if you release the fish. If you know any farm ponds are at give it a shot! I would try spiinerbaits and jigs usually farm pond pass never seen lures like that and will trigger them to bite.





Need a idea for some outdoor fun? How about riding fourwheelers ? I love four wheelers it is a great activity. The whole family can do it!  Honda makes all different sizes, from children to adult ect. For visitors to WV i think having four wheelers is very important. With four wheelers you can go out and enjoy the great outdoors! Besides just enjoy the outdoors with them you can use it  for hauling and pulling stuff around. ATVs can be used in different ways. Trying find a new hobby this maybe just be it!!


Basic safety tips riding a four wheeler. Some type of boots covers the ankle, long pants. long sleeves, gloves, goggles and a helmet. One more opinion i would have to say is always ride with a buddy so in case anything happens you can get help.



Pros do everything right on every obstacle they encounter because they start with above average riding ability. Riders will do better when they build on practice and determination to ride better. You can benefit from their hard work by using what they’ve learned to fix mistakes out of your riding techniques. If your trying to race a four wheeler your going to need the time and day to work and get better each time you ride.


  Need a new hobby? Try hiking, if you like outdoors this might be something to try out!  I have notice hiking the wonderful hill of WV that its a awesome feeling going to new places that’s been there for millions of years and history of it. Hiking is for all ages. You can bring the whole family out! If you like new places hiking might just be it. Anywhere you go you can find yourself searching for new things to do.  I think hiking is a great exercise. If  sitting inside on the couch your thing then maybe its time you go outside and find some great outdoor activity’s! When i went down state WV there are so many awesome sites where you cant see anywhere else. I do hope if anyone is out there looking for a new hobby try hiking. People should do it! I think if people went out more they would be grateful of the land and the scenery. Some of the scenery is breath taken. Even if you go one time try it and i bet you wont be let down! Anyone that has some good tips on hiking or places feel free with comments!