Let’s say you do it right and slip within 100 yards of a roosted turkey that is gobbling hot and heavy. The more the bird roars, the more you feel an uncontrollable urge to cluck and yelp. But be careful! Too much calling at first light can hang a tom on his limb as he waits for the hot “hen” to sail or walk beneath his roost tree. And the longer he sits up there and fails to see a girl, the more he smells a rat. When the bird finally flies down 30 minutes later, there’s a good chance he’ll run the other way.So fight the urge to call too early. Wait until pink illuminates the sky. Then give a bird some pillow talk to let him now you’re there. A couple of sultry tree clucks and yelps are about right.  



                            Stake a fake hen 20 yards past a calling setup. This puts the hunter between the decoy and the gobbling turkey you’re yelping to, if the bird works in and stops 50 yards from the imposer, great! He’s 30 yards or so off the end of your shotgun barrel.


                           If the turkeys wont come to your calling, try letting the decoys do the talking for you; just setup two or more decoys in an open area and wait!