If you like fishing just as bad as me then you cant wait for trout fishing!! This picture was  taken last year ice fishing at Dunkard lake. With the weather i havent ice fish so far and i dont think i will be, today was 60 degrees out! So im skipping ice fishing and waiting till they stock near by lakes.  Im a huge fishermen i love all kinds of fish. If anyone like to leave comments on baits and lure feel free!!  I found out trout fishing isnt for all people. Its cold, snowing, raining you name it i personally dont like keeping trout because i dont like cleaning them up! the  reason why i trout fish because i want to cant a huge trout! like you see  the picture to your right. I like catching trophy fish so always have big goals when your fishing! If anyone is just starting out and want to know more about trout fishing and what not  i have 5 years of trout fishing so i know a little bit.