Spring time bass fishing is may favorite time to go fishing and ill tell you why. With spring right around the corner it is time to be thinking about jerking lips! What i found out is using a tube jig or a crawdad works really well.  Main source of food for bass are crawdads so any lure you throw that mimics that should turn out good for you..

These two lure work excellent  in spring time fishing. Anglers can mix up the colors and experiment on what works the best .



I love walking around and finding farm ponds. I never know what im going to catch. I have caught a lot of bass in farm ponds and also didnt catch a thing. Always make sure your not trespassing on someone land, i sometimes ask the owner dude they mine sometimes they do and sometimes they dont. Most the time they wont care if you release the fish. If you know any farm ponds are at give it a shot! I would try spiinerbaits and jigs usually farm pond pass never seen lures like that and will trigger them to bite.