Walleye is a freshwater perciform fish native to most of Canada and northern United States. The walleye is considered to be quite palatable freshwater fish, and consequently, is fished and commercially for food. Because of its nocturnal feeding habit. Best time to catch walleye is at night. Bait for walleye would be minnow or anything that mimics a small fish.



This isnt my picture but i did catch one about this size. I was in Moundsville fishing for white bass in November. I remember that days as really cold and actually snowing! I was using a rebal craw, which is a lure that looks like a craw dad. After my fifth cast i was reeling slow and right before my bait got close boom! This big walleye crushes my bait and i reel in one of my biggest walleye. You never know what you going to catch when your fishing.