Channel catfish are every where in WV. Fishing  for channel catfish is simple. Bait,heavy line, and a good pole is all you need. People ask what bait to use? There is all source of baits, chicken liver,minnows, cut bait, crawdads, ect. The source of baits for channel cats can go on  and on.

Next is flat head catfish or shovel head catfish because of there flat heads. Flat head cats will get bigger then the channel catfish. Anglers can use the same gear  just like fishing for channel cats but the keys baits would be live bait and cut bait works the best. Time of day to have the best chance to get a big one is early morning or at night. Catfish are very good night time hunters. They have get sense of smell and can smell bait  good distance  away.



Last one im going to talk about is the Wels catfish. Also called sheatfish. Found in a wide areas of central southern and eastern Europe, and near the Baltic and Caspin seas. Wels catfish and live at least  thirty years and have every good hearing. So you look at this picture and say what does this catfish eat!? Wels catfish eat worms, gastropods insects, custaceans, and fish including other catfish; The larger ones eat frogs, mice, rats, and aquatic birds such as ducks. There are many different catfish. If you love fishing i would go out a try cat fishing. Its one fish that doesnt give up without a fight!