The Muskellunge also know as “muskie” or “musky” is a species of large, relatively uncommon freshwater fish of North America. The muskellunge is the largest member of the pike family. Muskies prey upon anything that fits in there mouth! Most of the diet consist of fish but it also includes crayfish, frogs, ducklings, snakes, muskrats,mice,other small mammals, and small birds. The mouth is large with many long needle like teeth. Muskies will attempt to take their prey head-first, sometimes in a single gulp. They will take prey items that are up to 30% their length. In spring, they tend to prefer smaller baits since their metabolism is slower, while large baits are preferred in fall as preparation for water.

  CRAZY muskie lure!

Anglers seek large muskies as trophies or for the sport. The fish attain impressive swimming speeds but are not particularly maneuverable. The highest speed runs are usually short, but they can be quite intense. The muskie can also do head shaking attempts to rid it self off the hooks. A challenging fish to catch, the muskie has been called ” the fish of ten thousand casts.” The average lure is 7.9 to 12 inches long, but longer lures of 14-26 inches are not uncommon in the musky angler’s arsenal. Anglers are strongly encourage to practice catch and release when fishing for musky due to their low population.


Bow fishing is a method of fishing that uses specialized archery equipment to shoot and retrieve fish. Fish are shot with a barbed arrow that is attached with special line to a real mounted on a bow.  Some freshwater species commonly hunted include: carp, alligator gar and paddle fish. In saltwater rays and sharks are regularly pursued.


Along with fishing from and off the shore, wading and shooting is also effective as long as the hunter doesn’t mind getting soaked. Wading in rivers allow the shooter to get up close to the fish if the hunter is skillful. When keeping fish while wading, the hunter may utilize a stringer tied to a belt loop. Standing on large rocks in shallower parts of a river is another technique. This provides a better view higher out of water. Going from rock to rock in a river with two hunters gets the fish moving if they are  inactive.

If you have a nice boat like this you can go fishing at night! Sometimes the best time going bowfishing is at night.  This boat is made to go in really shallow waters where carp  feed at and also gar.


                                                Arguably the fastest popularity growth of all the hunting genres is that of coyote hunting. Across the United States and Canada it has become one of the hunters’ favorite pastimes mainly due to the sheer excitement and delight it has to offer. There are not many things that can get your adrenaline flowing faster than seeing a coyote rapidly closing on to your position in response to the desperate sounds of your distress call.

Equipped with the basic information about hunting coyotes couple with a little practice, it can become a thrilling and addictive experience, and you will anxiously await next season’s start. However, the essential information is most often not enough because the coyote can be a very intelligent and dangerous creatures; that is why a thorough documentation is needed in order to avoid any unwanted incidents from happening.

Like any hunting branch, coyote hunting requires gathering as much information as possible about these creatures. Understanding their habits, their nature and the way react to certain factors is the key to a successful and low-risk hunting experience.

Foxpro calls can really help a hunter out. To sum it up its a speaker and a remote and you can put the speaker like a mile away(different types) The more money you spend on one the better quality and features. If your just starting out i would give this a try, i have heard nothing but good things  from foxpro.

Let’s say you do it right and slip within 100 yards of a roosted turkey that is gobbling hot and heavy. The more the bird roars, the more you feel an uncontrollable urge to cluck and yelp. But be careful! Too much calling at first light can hang a tom on his limb as he waits for the hot “hen” to sail or walk beneath his roost tree. And the longer he sits up there and fails to see a girl, the more he smells a rat. When the bird finally flies down 30 minutes later, there’s a good chance he’ll run the other way.So fight the urge to call too early. Wait until pink illuminates the sky. Then give a bird some pillow talk to let him now you’re there. A couple of sultry tree clucks and yelps are about right.  



                            Stake a fake hen 20 yards past a calling setup. This puts the hunter between the decoy and the gobbling turkey you’re yelping to, if the bird works in and stops 50 yards from the imposer, great! He’s 30 yards or so off the end of your shotgun barrel.


                           If the turkeys wont come to your calling, try letting the decoys do the talking for you; just setup two or more decoys in an open area and wait!


Spring time bass fishing is may favorite time to go fishing and ill tell you why. With spring right around the corner it is time to be thinking about jerking lips! What i found out is using a tube jig or a crawdad works really well.  Main source of food for bass are crawdads so any lure you throw that mimics that should turn out good for you..

These two lure work excellent  in spring time fishing. Anglers can mix up the colors and experiment on what works the best .



I love walking around and finding farm ponds. I never know what im going to catch. I have caught a lot of bass in farm ponds and also didnt catch a thing. Always make sure your not trespassing on someone land, i sometimes ask the owner dude they mine sometimes they do and sometimes they dont. Most the time they wont care if you release the fish. If you know any farm ponds are at give it a shot! I would try spiinerbaits and jigs usually farm pond pass never seen lures like that and will trigger them to bite.



The long nose gar is a primitive ray-finned fish of the gar family. It is also known as needle nose gar. The snout is elongated into a narrow beak containing many large teeth. The gar has a long body, that is shaped like a cylinder, and is covered with diamonde shape scales. It has a long black streak across the body. If anging for gar, small circle hook should be used, allowing the gar several minutes with it. The circle hook will prevent injury to the gar, as it is designed to catch only in the corner of the mouth. The fish are known as nocturnal feeders in some waters, so anglers be prey pared to angle for them in twilight. I personally dont like catching gar, they are just a pain in the butt! P.S but a unique fish



One gar i havent cought before is the alligator gar. Alligator gar is a primitive ray- finned fish. Unlike other gars, the mature alligator gar possesses a dual row of large teeth in the upper jaw. It’s name derives from the alligator like appearance of these teeth along with the fish’s elongated snout. The current world record for the largest alligator gar caught on rod and real is 279 lb. The largest by bow fishing is 365 lb. This would be a awesome trip of a life time. Alligator gar  are extremely one of the unique  fish i have ever seen.


The smallmouth bass is a species of freshwater fish in the sunfish family of the order Perciformes. One of the black basses,is a popular game fish sought by anglers throughout the temperate zones of North America, and has been spread by stock to many cool-water tributaries and lakes in the United States. Common names include smallmouth, bronze back, brown bass, brownie, smallie, bronze bass, and bare back bass.


Smallmouth bass are found in clear water than largemouth bass, especially streams, rivers, and the rocky areas and stomps and also sandy bottoms of lakes. Smallmouth bass prefer cooler water temperatures than its cousin the largemouth bass, and may be found in both still and moving water. Carnivorous, it’s diet comprises crayfish, insects,and smaller fish. This picture was taken at pike island damn. This is a great place to catch smallmouth bass on minnow or anything mimic smaller fish. Catching smallmouth bass is my favorite type of freshwater fish. You have to try it out!



Walleye is a freshwater perciform fish native to most of Canada and northern United States. The walleye is considered to be quite palatable freshwater fish, and consequently, is fished and commercially for food. Because of its nocturnal feeding habit. Best time to catch walleye is at night. Bait for walleye would be minnow or anything that mimics a small fish.



This isnt my picture but i did catch one about this size. I was in Moundsville fishing for white bass in November. I remember that days as really cold and actually snowing! I was using a rebal craw, which is a lure that looks like a craw dad. After my fifth cast i was reeling slow and right before my bait got close boom! This big walleye crushes my bait and i reel in one of my biggest walleye. You never know what you going to catch when your fishing.


Channel catfish are every where in WV. Fishing  for channel catfish is simple. Bait,heavy line, and a good pole is all you need. People ask what bait to use? There is all source of baits, chicken liver,minnows, cut bait, crawdads, ect. The source of baits for channel cats can go on  and on.

Next is flat head catfish or shovel head catfish because of there flat heads. Flat head cats will get bigger then the channel catfish. Anglers can use the same gear  just like fishing for channel cats but the keys baits would be live bait and cut bait works the best. Time of day to have the best chance to get a big one is early morning or at night. Catfish are very good night time hunters. They have get sense of smell and can smell bait  good distance  away.



Last one im going to talk about is the Wels catfish. Also called sheatfish. Found in a wide areas of central southern and eastern Europe, and near the Baltic and Caspin seas. Wels catfish and live at least  thirty years and have every good hearing. So you look at this picture and say what does this catfish eat!? Wels catfish eat worms, gastropods insects, custaceans, and fish including other catfish; The larger ones eat frogs, mice, rats, and aquatic birds such as ducks. There are many different catfish. If you love fishing i would go out a try cat fishing. Its one fish that doesnt give up without a fight!



Need a idea for some outdoor fun? How about riding fourwheelers ? I love four wheelers it is a great activity. The whole family can do it!  Honda makes all different sizes, from children to adult ect. For visitors to WV i think having four wheelers is very important. With four wheelers you can go out and enjoy the great outdoors! Besides just enjoy the outdoors with them you can use it  for hauling and pulling stuff around. ATVs can be used in different ways. Trying find a new hobby this maybe just be it!!


Basic safety tips riding a four wheeler. Some type of boots covers the ankle, long pants. long sleeves, gloves, goggles and a helmet. One more opinion i would have to say is always ride with a buddy so in case anything happens you can get help.



Pros do everything right on every obstacle they encounter because they start with above average riding ability. Riders will do better when they build on practice and determination to ride better. You can benefit from their hard work by using what they’ve learned to fix mistakes out of your riding techniques. If your trying to race a four wheeler your going to need the time and day to work and get better each time you ride.